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churro maker
churro maker
churros machine
churro maker
churro maker
churros machine
churro maker machine
churros machine
churro maker machine
electric churro maker
electric churro maker
electric churro maker

A-287 Churros Maker | Stainless Steel Churro Machine | 5L Deep Fryer | Interchangeable Nozzles | 110V

by ALDKitchen
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details:

STYLISH DESIGN: stainless steel body of the machine looks good and ensures the long service life

SAFE USE: adjustable thermostat and overheat protection make the device reliable in operation

DRAIN SYSTEM: the deep fryer is equipped with a draining tap to control the level of oil

EASY OPERATION: both the hopper and the deep fryer are operated manually with a handle and a knob

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee.

Friendly Return and Refund Policy

Professional Churro Maker for Commercial Use

This manual churro maker is designed to make thin, medium, and thick churros by only changing the dough outlet nozzles. Due to thoughtful construction, the hopper locates above the deep fryer, thereby taking little space and facilitating the cooking process.

Professional Churro Maker with a Deep Fryer

Convenient operation

The hopper is located on a stand which is adapted on the deep fryer. The churros extraction is controlled by a flywheel with three arms, which requires a minimum of efforts to operate. Churros come out directly into the basket with the oil, so the whole process is smooth and effortless.

Always at a high demand

Although this dessert comes from Span, their fame is spread far beyond Spanish borders. People in lots of countries around the globe love eating churros at festive days and share these moments with families and friends. That is why churros are always at a high demand.

Served in various ways

Traditionally churros are served with melted chocolate, but now there are lots of ways to serve them, for example, with jam, fruit, or ice cream. Not mentioning the savory churros with cheese or other fillings, which are not that popular as sweet ones, but still delicious.

Take a close look at this churro machine!

  • ✪ MANUAL CONTROL: The flywheel is equipped with three handles to facilitate the working process

  • ✪ WORKING STAND: The hopper is adapted over a deep fryer so, the churros come out directly to the oil

  • ✪ EASY CLEANING: High-grade materials ensure easy cleaning of the parts, which contacted with food

  • ✪ VARIOUS NOZZLES: With this set of nozzles make traditional or hollow churros to fill them later


  • model: A-287
  • package size: 2 boxes: Churros machine - 18.9" x 14.6" x 10.2", Fryer - 23.6" x 19.3" x 35.8"
  • machine size: Machine: 15.6" x 21" x 67" Fryer: 21.3" x 16.1" x 33.1"
  • material: Full stainless steel
  • voltage: 110V
  • machine weight: 50.7 lb
  • materials: Full stainless steel
  • no of nuzzles: 5
  • capacity: Funnel capacity: 5 L, Fryer capacity: 25 L

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