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A-2000E3 Juicer Machine | Electric Juice Maker | Stainless Steel Citrus Cold Press | 110V

by ALDKitchen
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details:

CITRUSES ONLY: This juice extractor is designed to produce juice out of oranges and lemons, no other fruits should be used

SAFE MATERIALS: The appliance is produced of stainless steel and PC plastic, which are food-grade and non-toxic

COMMERCIAL USE: Perfect for juice bars, hotels, restaurants, fast-food points and other food & beverage related businesses

COMPACT STRUCTURE: The size of the machine makes it suitable even for small commercial kitchens

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee.

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Commercial Cold Press Juicer for Citruses

Enjoy fresh orange juice with this industrial juice maker. The machine automatically peels the fruits and filtrates the drinks. The power consumption is 120 W, and the output is 20-22 units per minute. The machine is perfect for commercial use in hotel industry, restaurants and other places.

Consider this juice extractor for both home & business!

Medium fruits

This machine is designed to proceed oranges and lemons with the size of 40-80 mm. Make sure the fruits are not too big when you load the juicer. The appliance proceeds only oranges and lemons, it can’t be used for other fruits. 

Easy cleaning

To clean the machine after using, you should disassemble the parts that contacted with food. Clean them with dry materials, after wash them with water. Make sure you turned off power and pulled the plug out before cleaning. 

Minimum efforts

The operations of this juice extractor are automatic, so you don’t need to peel the fruits or feed the machine with oranges while it produces juice. Once the fruits are washed and loaded, the machine will make everything itself. 

Look closer!

  • ✪ AUTOMATIC FEEDING: Put fresh washed oranges or lemons on the top, the machine will squeeze them itself
  • ✪ SIMPLE OPERATIONS: To get a glass of fresh orange juice, just press the button, and the machine will start juice production
  • ✪ NO RESIDUALS: While producing drinks, the machine will peel the fruits, so you get fresh and tasty juice with no impurity
  • ✪ EASY CLEANING: The parts of juice maker that contact with food should be unpacked for cleaning with water


  • model: A-2000E3
  • machine size: 30.7" x 11.8" x 15.8"
  • material: Stainless Steel & PC plastic
  • voltage: 110V
  • shipping weigh: 112 lbs
  • machine weight: 110 lbs
  • power kw amp : 0.12 kW (1.1 Amp)
  • capacity: 40-80 mm fruit diameter
  • productivity: 20-22 units per minute

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