ALDKitchen Cast Iron Steak Press Grill with Wooden Handle, 9 x 5-Inch Heavy-Weight Grill Press

by ALDKitchen

Looking to speed up the cooking process of steaks, burgers, bacon, and other meats?

Use this steak weight to lightly press steaks and other meats flat to the grill while also using the heat stored in the weight itself to cook the other side!

This 9 1/2" x 5 3/4" cast iron steak weight comes with a wood handle. It is for use on grills to speed up the cooking of meats by pressing the food flat against the hot grill, or for cooking bacon without curling.

Utensils with wooden handles are not dishwasher safe; exposure to hot water can cause the wood to warp or splinter.

These items should be hand washed and dried thoroughly. For optimal results, use a wood conditioner periodically to prolong the life of the wood.

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