Commercial Hand Blender | 18.4-inch Immersion Blender | Variable Speed Hand Blender | 500W | 110V

Commercial Hand Blender
Commercial Hand Blender
Immersion Blender
Immersion Blender
Immersion Blender
Variable Speed Hand Blender
Variable Speed Hand Blender
Commercial Hand Blender
Immersion Blender

Commercial Hand Blender | 18.4-inch Immersion Blender | Variable Speed Hand Blender | 500W | 110V


✪ DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: good quality, stainless steel shaft lasts a long time. Detachable parts make the process of cleaning especially easy

✪ WIDE USAGE: the appliance is suitable for blending a wide range of different products including vegetables, fruits, and different dishes. Moreover, the immersion hand blender allows for mixing beverages, making cocktails and many others

✪ USABLE & LIGHT DESIGN: compact design and lightweight allow easy and variable usage, so it’s possible to operate and blend many things in a row

✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Stepless Variable Speed
Blending different things has us needing to change the speed to reach a better result. This Immersion Hand Blender is equipped with a function of stepless variable speeds allowing a regulating rotation speed from a range of 4000 RPM to 16000 RPM.

Energy Efficient & Reliable
Having a 500W motor power, this blender provides low electricity consumption work and great efficiency. The motor capacity of this appliance allows us to blend products of different quantity and hardness, ensuring quick and reliable results.

Anti-Splash Blade Protection Design
The long 18.4-inch stainless steel shaft and special blade guard design prevent splashing parts of the food you blend, especially parts of hot food or gas. The great length of the shaft allows the immersing blender to work deeply in the pot, cup, or other tanks, providing safety for the person who works with it.

Wall-Mounting Design
With this hand blender, you don’t have to think about where you should put it. A special wall mount bracket will save this placement problem. You can easily settle this bracket on a wall and put the blender on it. The additional advantage is convenient and close access, allowing one to take the blender when it’s you need it and start using it immediately.

A few reasons to buy this hand blender:
- Stainless Steel Shaft;
- Ring-Shaped Outlet Cover;
- 3 Sharp Blades;
- Variable Speed;
- Wall mount bracket;
- Immersion Commercial Hand Blender;
- 100% guaranteed quality.


- Material: high-quality plastic, stainless steel
- Voltage: 110V
- Power: 500W
- Rotating Speed: 4000-16000 RPM
- Hand blender size: 557.5*162.5 mm (21.95"" x 6.4"")
- Shaft size: 467.5 mm (18.4"")
- Stirring rod head size: 83.8 mm (3.3"")

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