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NP-502R Stick Waffle Maker | 4 Big Waffles on a Stick | Nonstick Plates | Manual Operation | 110V

by NicoPower
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details

✪ EVEN BAKING: overall double-sided constant temperature heating guarantees the perfect color of each stick waffle
✪ NON-STICK SURFACE: the mold plate is made of high-grade aluminum with Teflon coated non-stick surface, assuring long-term usage
✪ EASY TO OPERATE: adjustable thermostat and power on/off button make usage of the machine very effortless
✪ BIG WAFFLES: make up to 4 big Christmas tree-shaped waffles at one time and 5 mins for one tray
✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Expand the menu with these Waffles on Sticks!

Four Christmas tree shaped waffles can be cooked at the same time with this press type waffle iron. The plates are covered with Teflon, preventing dough burning and ensuring the smooth release of waffles. The device is suitable for cafes, restaurants, and street food points.

Stainless Steel cookware for long usage

High-grade construction
This beautiful waffle maker is produced of stainless steel, known for its reliability. The material requires low maintenance because it is corrosion-resistant and takes little efforts to clean. One of the additional benefits is also that stainless steel equipment always looks nice. 

Simple operations
This device is designed to simplify the waffles baking process. Start the machine with a switch, then use two knobs on the front panel to regulate temperature and set the timer. Distribute the dough, put the lid down and wait for a few minutes – the waffles are ready! 

Cleaning is simple
Both the stainless-steel body and cast iron plates need no water to be cleaned. Just use the paper towel or a cloth to wipe the machine after exploitation. Don’t forget to let the machine cooking down a bit before you wash it. 

Look at this thoughtful design!

  • ✪ EVEN BAKING: the baking molds get heated evenly, ensuring every tree-shaped waffle the uniform color

  • ✪ EASY TO USE: the baking process is speedy since all the operations take a minimum of time

  • ✪ BIG WAFFLES: the capacity of this equipment allows cooking stick waffles batch after batch

  • ✪ NON-STICK SURFACE: Teflon coating helps to avoid burnings and ensures beautiful waffles color


- Model: NP-502R
- Machine size: 300*300*203 mm (12' x 12' x 8')
- Waffle size: 216 *51 mm (8,5' x 2')
- Voltage: 110V
- Power: 1.75 kW

Friendly Return and Refund Policy