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Waffles first appeared as early as the XIVth century in the Netherlands, whence they later seeped into Germany and America. About the same time appeared the first waffle makers - square iron plates. The waffle maker changed its structure and shape many times, got square holes and electrics. Finally, it got the shape we know today.

Waffle makers come in many shapes

Today's waffle makers are astonishingly diverse. They come in:

  • round;

  • square;

  • rectangular;

  • heart-shaped.

    In addition, waffle makers differ in the depth and relief of the waffle plates. Deeper ones are for soft Brussels waffle types. Smaller and flatter ones are for Liege and Belgian waffles. The Stick Waffle Maker is a new product in today's appliance market. It lets you bake the dessert on special wooden sticks.

    1. The original shape. Waffles on sticks have a special elongated shape and radically different pattern - like a Christmas tree, a ladder, or a grid. It is especially important if you buy waffle makers, not for home but for business. And one of the competitive advantages is the original shape and Instagram of the ready product, allowing you to get free advertising using photos of network users who come to your cafe.

    2. Depth of fit. Elongated waffles are baked at once on a special wooden stick that goes through the whole product. Due to this, it is convenient to eat waffles as they don't fall off the stick in the process and can be easily handled, not only on the plate, but also straight on the stick, like cotton candy.

    3. Detached baking molds. The molds in a classic waffle maker are close together, and, so baking can cause large waffles that have to be cut later with a knife. The special waffle maker lacks this disadvantage, so making a dessert becomes simpler, more convenient, and aesthetically pleasing.

    The waffle stick holder helps the cook to put the stick at the correct depth and make sure that it won't dislodge during the cooking process. The waffle maker for dessert on sticks lets you make up to 6 waffles at a time, while a standard waffle maker is designed for 1-6 waffles.

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  • Voltage:

    AP-491 Waffle Stick Maker | Tree Waffles Maker | Stainless Steel with Manual Control | Nonstick | 4 PCS | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AP-492 Electric Stick Waffle Maker | Commercial Iron | 4 Pcs | Stainless Steel | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AP-502 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 4 Waffles | 110V

    Professional edition
  • Voltage:

    AP-503 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 6 waffles | 110V

    Professional edition