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Chimney cake (or Trdelník in Check Republic, Kurtos Kalacs in Romania) is a very popular dough dessert that is widespread in Central Europe. The origin of chimney cake is not clear. The versions are different. One version says that it was created in Slovakia or Romania, the other version says it is a Czech dessert. Anyway, visiting a Check Republic or Romania one of the things everyone should do it is to try chimney cakes especially, when this dessert can be bought on every corner.

In case it’s impossible to visit Central Europe but you want to try this dessert very much and sell it in your own café or restaurant, Central Europe can visit you. The only thing you should do is to read this article and buy the needed equipment.

The first question when you hear about this cake is, “How do I serve it?” Nowadays, there are different ways to sell it. The first one is the simplest one: you just sell it as it is, just a cake without any topping and eaten like a regular muffin with sugar on it.

The second way is to serve it with ice-cream or other toppings. In this case, the chimney cake will be tastier and not so dry like in the first case. A spoon can be sold with it to make the process of eating easier. People will be able to eat the topping and the cake separately.

To make a chimney cake, the café or restaurant owners should have special equipment that should include the special rollers. These rollers are used to make a special shape of the chimney cake with a hole inside it, that will be used for adding ice-cream or other toppings.

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