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Churro is an extremely tasty dessert that first appeared in Spain and Portugal. Some people think that it’s some kind of answer to American doughnuts. Possibly, it can be true because the process of cooking is very similar. Churro is a fried dessert usually made of choux pastry.

Churros became very popular in the last few centuries. It’s mostly connected with the migration of Spanish and Portuguese in different countries of Europe and America.

In Spain, this dessert is eaten for breakfast. Many Spanish people like to eat it with tea or hot chocolate dipping churros into it. In Spain, churros can be thin and short or thick and long. In Portugal, churros are served as a Spanish dish, but they have their own version of this dessert which usually filled with different toppings like cream or jam and called porra.

The process of making churros is very easy but quite long. First of all, you need to make a dough. More popular is the choux pastry. There are many different recipes of such dough, but in some families, the best recipe is transmitted from generation to generation. Your dough should be soft and smooth.

When your dough is ready, transfer it to the piping bag. Due to history, churros have the shape of a star, it’s better to use a rounded star tip. Also, don’t forget to preheat the tank with oil in which you will fry your amazing dessert. When your oil is ready and hot enough start to pipe dough into the oil. Be careful, and don’t be burned. When the length of the churro is around 15 cm (6 inches) cut it with scissors.

Fry your churros within 2-3 minutes for each side until they are golden brown. After that, put them on the paper towel and dry them within 10 seconds. Transfer it into a bowl with sugar and dip it there. Put ready dessert on the plate and surprise your guests and clients.

This process can be much easier if you have a churro machine which is equipped with a deep fryer and special unit. This gives the opportunity to make churros of different shapes. All you need is to add dough in a special tank above the deep fryer, turn on the fryer, and start making churros.

Thanks to the churro machine, you will be able to make this extremely tasty dessert very fast and easy. Moreover, these machines are equipped with a tip that gives the opportunity to make hollowed-out churros, so you can fill it with cream or other toppings.

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  • Voltage:

    AP-281F Churros Machine | 4 pcs 3-Hole Nozzles Plus knife | Deep Fryer | 110V

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