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A soufflé is an exquisite pastry that appears on the menus of most restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and pastry shops. It's rightly considered a masterpiece of culinary prowess. But not everyone can prepare it successfully, including professional confectioners. It needs considerable skill to achieve dessert with a soft, thin crust and a delicate, creamy filling. Now let's become acquainted with souffle in more detail: the history of its appearance, the nuances of preparation.

What is a soufflé

Soufflе is an haute cuisine dish, which translates from French as "filled with air". They first appeared back in the Middle Ages, but it only became popular in the mid-18th century, after a recipe published in a French cookery book by Vincent de la Chapelle. He is considered the creator of this masterpiece. The classic presentation of a souffle involves a cake with slightly baked edges (to hold the shape) and a liquid filling. The base of the dish:

  • egg yolks;

  • whites beaten into a thick foam;

  • cream;

  • flavoring additives.

The most common bases include classic custard, béchamel sauce, and fruit purée. And the whites beaten into a thick foam raise these ingredients, aerate the dish. In order to amplify the taste and aroma, you can add vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, berries, fruits, etc. Depending on the fillings, the souffle can be sweet (referred to as dessert) or unsweetened (as a main dish). It will be a perfect addition to any lunch, dinner, or even breakfast.

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