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What Are Waffles and Why We Love Them

The first waffle recipe in history was written in Europe in the 14th century. Since then, humans have loved this incredible food. These days, many people around the world, including the USA, can’t imagine their breakfast without waffles. For true waffle lovers, that crispy goodness is a perfect way to jumpstart their morning, while others prefer waffles as a dessert after lunch or dinner.

Both children and adults love waffles’ delicious crunchy texture and the fact that they can be topped with all kinds of fantastic toppings - various jams, maple syrup, or chocolate. 

Some love savory waffles, such as chicken & waffles or cheesy sausage and sage waffles.

Another reason why waffles are great is they are easy and quick to make - it takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook them. However, some things may puzzle you when it comes to waffles. One of them is: “Why are waffles in restaurants and coffee shops so light and crunchy, and what should I do to make them crispier?”

We will reveal a little secret to you: first and foremost, cheap home waffle makers just do not hold enough heat to ensure a waffle's crispy outside and fluffy and light interior. So for perfectly crispy waffles, it is best to use professional kitchen equipment. It makes all the difference!

If you like Belgian waffles, a rotating machine is an excellent choice because it allows the batter to spread evenly. As a result, you get fantastically crispy waffles on the outside and pleasantly fluffy on the inside. Such a waffle machine is not exactly cheap, but it’s worth it.

What Kinds of Waffles Exist?

Many different types of waffles come in various shapes, sizes, and textures.

Here are some of them:

  • Waffle on a stick;
  • Taiyaki waffle;
  • Hot dog waffle;
  • Cone waffle;
  • Belgian waffle.

There are proper waffle makers for each type. If you want a perfect waffle on a stick, you are going to need a good waffle stick maker. Here are listed the advantages of using a stick waffle maker over the standard one.

A hot dog waffle is an excellent alternative to a classic hot dog. What could be more delicious than a golden brown waffle that has just come from a hot dog waffle machine?

Taiyaki are Japanese fish-shaped waffles, so to make them properly, a taiyaki maker is needed. There’s an extraordinary history behind the taiyaki waffle, by the way. We’re sure you would be curious to discover it.

Who doesn’t like ice cream in a cone? If you want to make super crispy cone waffles, you’ll need a good cone waffle maker.

A Belgian waffle iron is a must-have if you want to cook Belgian waffles that melt in your mouth. Here’s an exciting story about Belgian waffles you will definitely love to read.

 So What Are the Secrets of Making Crispy Waffles?

One more essential component of success when it comes to making crispy waffles is the right temperature of the machine - whether it is an egg waffle maker or some other kind of equipment. When your waffle maker’s temperature is 365°F-375°F (approximately 180°C-191°C), you can tell it has been adequately heated. 

If you make your waffles at a too-low temperature, you will have a gushy and unappetizing product. Overheating your waffle iron or bubble waffle machine will not bring good results either - the waffle might actually be crispy on the outside, but it's inside will be too mushy. 

Here are some more tips on how you can do to make sure your waffles will be perfectly crispy:

  • Use a measuring cup to pour your waffle batter;
  • To fill your waffle maker properly, always start pouring the batter from the center;
  • If you are using a rotating machine, once you have poured your batter into your waffle maker and closed it, flip it over;
  • Do not check on your waffles before they are done - wait for your iron’s indicator signal to stop.

If you’re making waffles for the whole family, you must make at least a dozen of them. Here’s one more little tip for keeping your finished waffles warm and making them even crispier by drying them out: set your oven to 200° F (approximately 95° C) and put your freshly made waffles inside while you’re waiting for the next round.

Remember that a waffle can stay crunchy for about a minute after you pull it from the waffle maker. Then it quickly loses its crispiness. You can’t expect waffles to stay crispy forever, right?

Cleaning your bubble waffle makers or any other kitchen equipment after every use is necessary. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make good waffles next time. When the machine cools down, you should clean your waffle iron properly and remove any batter leftovers.

How to Choose the Best Mix for Your Perfectly Crispy Waffles?

Some individuals out there prefer to make their waffle batter from scratch, And we don’t blame them - as the saying goes, “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”

But if you are a busy person who has little free time yet adores making awesome waffles for yourself and your family, our waffle mixes are the best solution! They taste as if you put all the ingredients together yourself.

Our products are available in two flavors - chocolate and vanilla. The ingredients for all different kinds of waffles are similar. 

Our dough mixes are moderately sweet - their taste is uniquely balanced and consistent. The instructions are straightforward to follow, so these mixes help you make rich-tasting waffles every time - with minimal effort.

Here are some extra advantages of our waffle mixes:

  1. The product is healthy and safe for the whole family: it is GMO-free and trans-fat-free, and it contains no added preservatives - all the ingredients are natural;
  2. Another good thing about these mixes is that they only require the addition of water; once you have added the right amount of water, it is just a matter of cooking according to your waffle maker's instructions;

It’s a family pack: the large 30 lbs waffle mix pack is the most cost-effective. But if that is too much for you and your family to consume in a reasonable timeframe, no worries - more petite (10 lbs and 5 lbs) packs are available.

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