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Oven Temperature Guide

Cooking in the oven may seem complicated and time-consuming, but actually it's simple and delicious. Oven cooking will diversify your daily variety of dishes and make the taste of familiar dishes rich. If you love challenges, then get ready to learn something new before the first cooking in the oven.

Most often oven-cooked dishes

Who doesn't love the taste of juicy baked salmon, flavorful cheese pizza, or chicken with crispy skin? What else can be baked in the oven? 

  1. Salmon 

Juicy salmon in the oven is a healthy and delicious dish. The perfect light dinner that takes only twenty minutes to prepare. Ten minutes — to prepare the food, plus ten minutes — to bake the fish.

  1. Pizza 

You can make pizza from any product that is in the refrigerator. With cheese, meat, mushrooms, or seafood, on the thin or thick dough, homemade pizza is a delicious dish for a family evening or an evening with friends that you can cook in the oven.

  1. Chicken 

It is enough to take a chicken, sprinkle it with your favorite spices, bake it in the oven, and get a delicious light dish. The baked chicken turns out to be so tasty that it does not require any garnish. A small amount of greens is enough to fully appreciate the taste and charm of this dish.

  1. Bacon 

Crispy bacon is often cooked for breakfast and served with eggs. You can also wrap asparagus, seafood, and even poultry in bacon (it helps keep all the juices inside). Chopped bacon can be added to soups, appetizers, and salads as a topping. We advise you not to fry the bacon in a pan but to cook it in the oven. This method will help to cook evenly crispy, stewed, and mouth-watering bacon.

  1. Pork 

Various recipes for pork in the oven make it possible to bake it in a big pork chop or portions, previously preparing small pieces - thoroughly softened with a hammer and sprinkled with spices. You can prepare a light sauce for roast pork, savory, tender, or spicy. You can also serve it with almost any garnish: potatoes, pasta, buckwheat, rice, or barley. 

  1. Baked potatoes

Potatoes are the most versatile dish that can be cooked in the oven. You can bake it in skins with spices, in a rustic way, or with other vegetables. It can be served with various sauces, toppings, or cheese. Serve baked potatoes as a garnish for meat or fish and as a separate dish.

Rules for Delicious Meals

It is necessary to follow the cooking technology for the dish to turn out tasty, juicy, and fragrant, as well as retain its beneficial properties. Each meal has a different cooking time, oven temperature, and proportions of ingredients. Only an individual approach and adherence to the dish recipe will reveal its unique taste. Of course, you can add something personal to the recipe with experience, but cooking technology is the basis of a delicious dish.

Oven Temperature for Different Dishes

There are a few tips for proper cooking in the oven:

  1. As a rule, salmon has a slow cook oven temperature. You can easily dry out this dish. Therefore, the best oven temperature for salmon is 120 degrees F for wild fish and 125 degrees F for farm fish, as it is fatter than a wild one. With this oven temperature salmon regime, the salmon turns out to be medium-rare. If you want more baked fish, you can raise the temperature to 135 degrees F, but not higher, or you will spoil it.
  2. Cooking pizza at high or low temperatures depends on the outcome that you want. Cook at the temperature of pizza oven between 450-500 Fahrenheit needed for a crispy crust. If you are a fan of soft crusts, then temperatures around 350 F will be optimal.
  3. What temperature should chicken be cooked to in the oven? There are two methods: the first is to heat the oven to 350 F and pluck one chicken for every 450 g of bird for 20 minutes. And add extra 15-20 minutes. The second is for lovers of more ruddy and crispy chicken. Cook the dish in an oven preheated to 450 F. At the same time, bake the carcass for 15 minutes. Lower the temperature to 350 F and keep the dish in the oven a little more (at the rate of 20 minutes for every 450 g).

  1. Cooking bacon in the oven at 375 degrees F is a method to get crispy bacon without constantly flipping and burning it. In just 15 minutes, fragrant bacon is ready for breakfast or a feast.
  2. What temperature to cook pork in the oven? To cook juicy pork meat, roast it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-60 minutes for each pound. Not to overcook the dish, measure the internal temperature of the meat using a thermometer. The internal temperature of the pork should be between 140 and 160 F.
  3. The oven temperature for baked potatoes is about 400 F. Cooking time depends on the size of the potatoes. Focus on a period of 35-50 minutes.

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The Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table

The oven temperature can be indicated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius in recipes. The general rule is to subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit measured temperature, multiply the resulting value by 5, and then divide it by 9. The result obtained will become the Celsius temperature indicator. For example, 350 Fahrenheit to Celsius oven corresponds to (350-32)*5/9 ≈ 176.66 C. And vice versa, 175 celsius to Fahrenheit oven is (175C × 9/5) + 32 = 347 F.

Therefore, it is convenient to use a ready-made temperature conversion table.

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Bottom Line 

Baking in the oven is not hard, but very flavorful.Now you know at what oven temperature you need to cook a salmon, pizza, pork, etc, and how to convert the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit using a handy table. We wish you to enjoy a magical cooking process and delicious dishes. You can find more useful cooking articles in our Blog.