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“Souffle” in French means “filled with air,” or “airy”. That's what they call sweet and savory dishes becoming airy due to beaten egg white.

Souffle is baked in the oven in a heatproof baking tin, most often in a ramekin, and the dish is served in it. It is enough to understand once how to make this dish in order to deal equally well with any souffle recipe, whether it is a snack or a sweet. Any souffle consists of a thick, flavored base and egg whites, whipped in a stiff foam. The base is a thick Bechamel sauce enriched with yolks or vegetable puree, chocolate or cottage cheese, pastry cream, or fruit puree. No matter whether you are preparing a cottage cheese souffle, a meat souffle, or a chocolate one, the base should be somewhat over-seasoned: too sweet or savory, spicy or salty. After adding tasteless beaten whites, the taste will become desirable.

In order to raise the dish well enough in the oven, it is important to prepare the ramekin correctly: grease it with a thick layer of softened butter and generously sprinkle it with flour, dried breadcrumbs, or sugar. Fill three-quarters of the ramekin. In a properly prepared mold, the souffle will become straight, high and even, and will protrude beyond the edges of the ramekin. The dish is served in ramekins that are made from beautiful heatproof materials right after being removed from the oven until the dish becomes less airy.

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