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TAIYAKI, What do you know about FISH-SHAPED WAFFLES?

The FISH-SHAPED Waffle, whose name is TAIYAKI, is an original Japanese sweetness, gaining incredible popularity in recent years. Japanese make this dish in the form of a rounded fish with a filler. Liquid dough on the basis of water, eggs, flour with sugar, according to recipes, is poured into a special pan (TAIYAKI MAKER). With the image of a sea bream, spread the filling and fry until a ruddy. The process of cooking is not complicated and does not require a special skill, so everybody can make it.

There are variations of fishy figures. For example, an OPEN MOUTH FISH WAFFLE can be used as an ice cream cone. Adding fruit, you can get one of the most fabulous and delicious desserts.

The FISH-SHAPED WAFFLE MAKERS make it easy to cook this dish. There are TAIYAKI MACHINES of different types. During one session, the Waffle machine can produce from 1 to 12 FISH-SHAPED WAFFLES, depending on the number of cells in the Taiyaki machine. In its form, the product is divided into Taiyaki (a whole and closed fish) and a Fish Open Mouth (a feature of which is the ability to add stuffing to an opened fish mouth). In order to roast the Waffle evenly, there are covering and rotating molds. Waffles can be made on the gas, and also on the electric equipment 110V or 220V.

This Waffle maker will be an indispensable assistant for the preparation of the best and most unusual desserts at restaurants and at home.


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  • Voltage:

    AR-1106F Taiyaki Machine Commercial | 6 Fish Shaped Waffles | Stainless Steel Taiyaki Maker | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AR-226 Taiyaki Machine Commercial | Fish Shaped Waffles Taiyaki Maker | 6 Waffles | Stainless Steel | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AP-209 Taiyaki Maker | Open-Mouth Fish Shaped Waffle Iron | 5 Fish Shaped Ice Cream Cones | 110V

    Professional edition
  • Voltage:

    AP-199 Taiyaki Iron | Electric Taiyaki Machine | 2 Open-Mouth Fish Shaped Waffle Cones | Nonstick Coating | Manual Control | 110V

    Professional edition