Our Customers

ALDKitchen is an international company that creates professional kitchen appliances and strives to achieve excellence in every detail. By the moment, ALDKitchen has received recognition for its exceptional human-oriented approach and friendly customer service.

The company stands out for its extended after-sales and warranty service, which is provided even when the refund period is over. Flexible discounts system significantly increased the number of loyal customers in the last few years.

The company was set up in 1993 by Sun-Trade Corporation as a wholesale company and has grown into a manufacturer that works only with the best factories in China and Eastern Europe. Then and now, customer satisfaction remains a priority one for the company.

Today, ALDKitchen produce professionally-oriented kitchen appliances and distribute throughout Europe, South and North America. ALDKitchen will be the perfect decoration for any kitchen and will give you the pleasure of cooking your favorite dishes. ALDKitchen invents and refines its products to meet your daily needs. Our equipment will be your perfect assistant in the kitchen, whereas our customer service is always ready to help fast with any issue!