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Warranty Program


You have an extended return period for a full refund of your product purchase price or a replacement product. Please read our Terms about customized products and non-US orders.


Sometimes we need a little maintenance. When your ALDKitchen appliances do the same, you can always contact us and we will send replacement parts designed specifically to match your product.


ALDKitchen has several authorized service centers to make warranty repairs easier. additionally, if necessary, repairs could be carried out in a local workshop with incurred cost reimbursement.

Here, at ALDKitchen, we are constantly working to improve product excellence and always use only the best components available on the market. The quality of the product we sell in our store is of high priority because we know how important it is for commercial kitchens to use proper cooking appliances.
Nevertheless, problems happen, and we are here to take full responsibility for your complete satisfaction.

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Claim a warranty as simply as it's possible

If you are experiencing problems with your ALDKitchen product purchased with a seller outside of our website (Amazon, Walmart, or other platforms) you still can claim a warranty with us.
Do not file a claim with a second-party seller first, the extended warranty will be waived and you will need to follow the seller's returns policy.
So, we strongly recommend you to contact us first.

“Dear customer, we do our best to provide you the best buying experience.
We would like you to feel safe while shopping with ALDKitchen and constantly improve our warranty program.
Have a cozy time on our store!“

CEO "ALD Professional Kitchen Equipment"