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A chocolate fountain is a set of cascades from 20 cm to 1 meter high, through which hot chocolate circulates. Before turning on, the necessary amount of chocolate is poured into the lower niche of the chocolate fountain. A heating element maintaining the temperature of about 60C is located under the bowl of the device.

The chocolate becomes liquid at this temperature. Melted chocolate rises to the upper bowl, then it flows down in cascades. Here, its temperature is again brought to the required level, and the process is repeated over and over again. The temperature of chocolate flowing from cascades is about 40°C.

Special chocolate, with a high content of cocoa butter rather than ordinary chocolate sold in bars, is used in the chocolate fountain. Its main difference is that it melts at a lower temperature (about 35°C) and has a lower viscosity.

It is necessary for the proper operation of the fountain, as well as for the convenience of its use with fruits and pastries to create fondue. There are several types of chocolate fountains that differ from each other in height (from 30 to 140 cm), the number of tiers (from 3 to 7), and the mass of chocolate loaded into them (from 1 to 15 kg).

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Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains are absolutely must have for any wedding, new year party or other big events. You can hardly find a treat that your guests won’t dip into a warm chocolate flowing down the tiers. Strawberry, grapes, marshmallows, cheese and other delights can be served with a chocolate fountain fondue for a few hours.
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