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How to extend the lifetime of the Waffle Maker

Everyone knows that Waffle Makers working on Heating Plates are very vulnerable to voltage drops as well as too fast heating after turning on. Cheap Waffle Makers are fitted with double-layer Heating Plates that make them especially vulnerable.

We have several recommendations on how to prolong operation life of Heating Plates:

A Waffle Maker cannot be instantly preheated to 230°C. That will reduce the lifespan of the heating tube or thermostat. We recommend you to preheat the Maker to 100°C first and set operating temperature at 180°C in five minutes in order to prevent it from heating without material.

We also recommend the heating to be no more than 230°C. During standby, the temperature should be reduced to 50-80°C. However, there is another solution!

We found out that 220V Waffle Makers are much less exposed to Heating Plates breaking down. If 220V sockets are available in your kitchen, we strongly recommend you to use a 220V Waffle Maker and forget about problems with burned-out Heating Plates.