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Cotton Candy or Candy Floss is the most popular and sugary tasting treat of the last decade. The name ""Cotton Candy"" appeared due to the similarity of the finished treat with regular cotton, used for clothing production. But in different parts of the world, the name of these sweeties is quite different. For example, in the USA, it’s ""Cotton Candy,"" in Europe, Asia, and Africa it’s Candy Floss; in Australia – Fairy Floss.

The first mention of the machine for making cotton candy was in 1987. According to the facts, the names of the inventors were William Morrison and John C. Wharton, a dentist and confectioner, respectively. But a machine more similar to a traditional and modern one was made in 1970. Today, we can find a wide range of different Cotton Candy Makers. What’s more important, they are very small and compact. Sometimes, they are equipped with a cart, so they can be easily settled in the center of any event. 

The main principle of the Cotton Candy making is heating of the sugar until it's liquid. Due to rotation, liquid sugar flies through small holes and cools and turns solid again in the form of small thin strands. As a result, we have a dense web of small threads.

Buying this machine, many people have a question: “How do I make Cotton Candy correctly?” The making process is pretty easy. Candy Floss can be made of regular sugar or you can use specially formulated Floss sugar. Floss sugar can have different colors and flavors. Usually, it has flavors of fruits or flowers. If you don’t have any of these or you would like to try something new, you can use any hard candies, even those without sugar.

Making Cotton Candy is an extremely easy task. First of all, before adding sugar, you need to warm up your machine for 2 minutes, and after that, turn on the booster and warm it up for 4 minutes. Turn off the machine.

Now your machine is ready to work. Add sugar or hard candies into a floss head. It’s should be no more than 90% full. NEVER ADD SUGAR WHEN MOTOR IS RUNNING. When sugar is inside, it’s high time to turn on your machine. When the Cotton Candy machine starts to make floss, take a stick or paper cone and break into the web of floss, wind the sugar onto the stick or paper cone. Now, lift your stick over the pan and start rotating it. You will see the cotton candy stick to your paper cone or stick. Continue to rotate until your stick with cotton candy is ready and turn off your machine.