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As we've said before, soufflés do not look as easy to make as they may seem at first glance. Specialized equipment lets modern cooks achieve a delicate, airy texture, but the lush mass formed after beating often falls off in the baking process, and the dish loses its presentable appearance. It is a serious problem that can hurt the image of the restaurant or cafe.

However, food equipment manufacturers have succeeded in solving this problem. They have created a souffle machine. It is electric equipment, which connects to the usual electric network. The cooking surface can be heated up to 270 °C, making the crust formation instantaneous, preserving the liquid texture inside the soufflé. Great care to detail, which makes the machine very comfortable to use:

  • the copper heating surface warms quickly and evenly with minimal energy consumption without allowing it to burn;
  • the stainless steel case resists moisture and corrosion;
  • removal of the heating surface from the case avoids the overheating of the internal components;
  • simple control: one button for on/off and temperature setting by rotating the knob;
  • availability of a lid in the kit, non-slip legs.

Even inexperienced cooks will cope with making a real soufflé with such a helper in the kitchen.

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  • Voltage:

    AP-408 Souffle Machine | Japanese Souffle Pancake Maker | Dorayaki Machine | Manual Control | 110V