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Automatic liquid filling machines. Devices have a storage reservoir and automatically fill the main bowl with the liquid food mix as needed.

Automatic powder filling machines. The machines have a mix powder reservoir and automatically combine the mix with water inside the machine, which saves filling time.

Standard machines. Machines need filling by hand. The amount of used product is limited to the volume of the container.

What to consider in selecting a frozen drink machine?

  • The decision to purchase a frozen drink machine can become a profitable and sound investment for your business only if you carefully review several factors.

  • Viscosity control. A dessert machine feature automatically shuts off cooling when the drink reaches the desired density.

  • Temperature control. Due to this function, you can offer a wide variety of frozen drinks in different temperatures for adults and children.

  • Ice blade size and rotation speed. Using this feature keeps the dessert from turning into a snowball.

  • Defrost timer. The majority of machines ship with a battery-powered defrost timer. Adjusting this function will ensure that the drink doesn't freeze completely while maintaining its density and flavor.

    The machines don't require any special maintenance, and some of them have a self-diagnostic function.

    Frozen drink machines have dozens of different design variations. Some models have glossy black, stainless steel, or both in combination. Frozen drink machines with attractive designs can be an effective customer attraction.

    Nowadays, the rhythm of life doesn't let you relax for a single moment, so you have to enjoy your drink on the run. Quarantine restrictions have also contributed to the popularity of both hot and soft takeaway drinks. Vendors not only need to prepare a tasty drink, but also to protect their customers from unpleasant situations and prevent them from spilling the drink. An automatic cup sealing machine has been developed for precisely this purpose.

    Its main function is leak-proof sealing of plastic or paper cups containing drinks. The cup filled with liquid is placed in the sealing machine, which applies a special foil around the perimeter of the rim by means of heat sealing.

    The speed of operation allows this machine to be used in popular establishments or companies involved in beverage production. In one hour, the machine can seal from 400 to 600 cups, and it takes only a few seconds per cup. There's no need to worry about foreign particles getting inside the cup - the protective cover makes it impossible.

    The machine is universal and adjusts to the height of the cup. To do so, it is enough to adjust the tray to the height of your cup.

    By operating principle, sealing machines can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic. With a semi-automatic machine, the user selects the sealing temperature and time on the control panel. An automatic machine with a built-in computer manages all processes by itself. It takes over the control of all processes: monitoring of printing, foil rolling, and cup dispensing. The cost of an automatic machine exceeds the price of a semi-automatic machine, but it is preferable for companies with high workloads.

    Another important advantage of cup sealing machines is the use of lower amount of plastic compared to widely applied plastic lids. On a small scale, this is not so noticeable, but if you analyze the consumption of plastic in factories or large food outlets, the difference in the use of this non-polluting material will surprise everyone.


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