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Waffles are a breakfast staple that always makes us smile. Irrespective of how they are made, they add something special to breakfast. We all love to eat waffles, especially when they're served with our favorite filling. As a weekend morning or after a fun dinner with friends, you can't go wrong with serving this delicious treat when it's time to pick out dessert.

Not many people know about the varieties of waffles, despite the fun and excitement they create. On our ALD kitchen website, we'll tell you about the most popular types of waffles.       

Belgian waffles look different from classic waffles because they have various recipes. Belgian waffle recipes use yeast rather than a leavening agent. The yeast makes the dessert lighter. The waffles are made so that they look firm enough to hold the filling, with a soft, fluffy interior due to the airy dough. 

Belgian waffles have deep pockets. That lets them hold more syrup, honey, chocolate, jam, fruit, etc. Each delightful piece of Belgian waffle can keep more of everything.

You can find information about dozens of different waffle makers of all shapes and sizes on our website to make thick and fluffy Belgian waffles.

Classic ice cream cones are a favorite of many sweet tooths. It's a classic treat that suggests a harmony of taste and comfort. Waffle cones are medium to deep caramel brown, with a sugary flavor, pointed waffle cones with a crunchy texture. Waffle cones pair well with fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and granola.      

One of the great things about making waffle cones from scratch is that you can experiment with different flavors.

Some ideas are:

  • Spicing the batter with cinnamon and nutmeg

  • Black waffle cones made from activated charcoal

  • Chocolate waffle cones

  • Cookie lovers will go crazy for waffle cones filled with cookie dough! It won't be ice cream in a waffle cone; it will be edible cookie dough!      

Making a delicious waffle cone comes down to two things: tools and ingredients. Home cooks can make waffle cones at home by actually baking them in an oven, but there's also an option for commercial waffle cone makers. You can make waffle cones in a waffle maker to speed up the process, but it's easier to use a dedicated appliance, such as a restaurant waffle maker.      

You can find on our website a wide range of waffle makers for making waffle cones. Whatever you choose, by all means, choose a waffle cone maker because your ice cream deserves it.

Bubble Waffles is a GREAT treat, really light and delicious. These puffed waffles are also called Hong Kong egg waffles or egg puffs. They are popular all over the world because of its unique bubbly texture. They have a custard flavor and can be eaten with maple syrup for breakfast or turned into AMAZINGLY fun ice cream fruit cones! The longer you cook the waffles, the crispier and more golden they will turn out. 

We offer professional Hong Kong waffle makers at various prices and types on our website. Thanks to them, any ice cream party will be unforgettable!            

Undoubtedly, taiyaki waffles are an absolute delight for all of us. Features like the original flavor, texture, and filling make taiyaki a favorite in the waffle dessert world. The most common filling in Japanese fish-shaped waffles is red bean paste made with sweetened adzuki beans, custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potatoes. 

Once you buy from our website, one of ALD Kitchen's best commercial-grade waffle makers is designed to make delicious taiyaki waffles. You can bake delicious waffles with jam or ice cream with automatic heat control in an easy, simple, and comfortable way.

Waffles on a Stick - it's a treat that even adults can't resist! They are wet in a melted chocolate ganache that's filled with colorful candies, ice cream, fruit, and peanut butter and then sprinkled with mini marshmallows or m&m's. This exquisite dessert can become a favorite for many a street and quick but healthy food: you don't have to wait long to make it, and it's perfect for take-out and on-the-go meals. 

On our website, you will find professional machines for making waffles on a stick, which are suitable for both commercial and home use.

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