Hong Kong Egg Waffle White - Cardboard Cone

by Friteshop Inc.

Feature & details:

BUBBLE WAFFLE CONES: The cones are 6 1/4" wide (at its widest point), 9 1/2" tall (from bottom to top tip), perfect for bubble waffles

FOOD-GRADE: The cones are made of heavy duty cardboard food safe stock, high-quality and reliable materials

HANDS CLEAN: These cones are convenient for taking the waffles away and keeping your customers’ hands clean

PRACTICAL & HANDY: A set of these cardboard cones is easy to store, since it takes little space and doesn’t expire

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Friendly Return and Refund Policy


  • package size: 100 Pcs
  • material: Cardboard
  • product size: 6 1/4" Wide, 9 1/2" Tall

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