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churro maker machine
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churros machine
churros machine
churro maker machine
churro maker machine
churros machine
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churro maker machine

A-FV05L Standard & Hollow Churro Maker | 5L Capacity

by ALDKitchen
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details:

STAINLESS STEEL: high quality of materials, which this churro machine is made of, ensure the long service life

CONVENIENT SIZE: the dimensions of this machine make it suitable for the kitchen without much space

EASY TO MAINTAIN: because of its materials and design, the device is easily disassembled and cleaned

ASSORTED NOZZLES: interchangeable nozzles let you make traditional and hollow churros to be filled later

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee.

Friendly Return and Refund Policy

Professional Churro Maker with a Deep Fryer

This commercial churro maker is designed to make churros of different thickness. The device dimensions and 5 L capacity make it perfect for a small kitchen or a street food point. High-grade stainless steel lets the appliance serve long and keep good food quality.

Why buying this churro maker for your business is worth?

Convenient for a small kitchen
If you need a compact machine for your business, which doesn't require a vast capacity, this churro maker is a great solution. It is small enough and can be set on the table or can easily be moved from one place to another. What's more, when you don't use the machine, it takes little space to store.

Smooth operation
The churros preparation process is controlled with a handle. It takes little time to learn how to use the machine. To make thin, medium, and thick churros, you just need to change an outlet nozzle. The nozzles set also includes one for making hollow churros, which can be staffed later.

Always in demand
Originating from Spain, this dessert is now well-known in many countries around the world. People love eating churros at festive days and share these moments with families and friends. Churros are associated with fun and happiness; that is why they are always at a high demand.

Take a close look at this churro machine!

  • ✪ MANUAL CONTROL: A plastic handle is used to control the pressure of a pistol plate and the length of churros
  • ✪ VARIOUS NOZZLES: Assorted nozzles set comes together with the machine and allows making different churros
  • ✪ EASY CLEANING: The parts, which contact with food, can be easily disassembled and cleaned after usage
  • ✪ NICE LOOK: Thanks to its stylish design, the device takes little space and looks beautiful in any kitchen


  • model: A-FV05L
  • package size: 30" x 13.8" x 13.4"
  • machine size: 13.0"x 12.6"x 29.1"
  • material: Full stainless steel
  • shipping weigh: 40 lbs
  • no of nuzzles: 5
  • capacity: 5 L

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