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The dynamics and rhythms of modern life force us to take a fresh look at many things. We cannot always carve out time for breakfast, preferring to grab a sandwich on the way. At the same time, many people refuse a cup of fragrant coffee or tea because they risk spilling the beverage they buy on the street.

Cup Sealing Machine Features
It is easy to solve the customer's problem. All it takes is to buy just one cup sealing machine. You can place it in any café, beverage and coffee shops, smoothie bars and cinemas, outdoor trading areas, or parking lots.
It's important! The sealed packaging ensures comfortable transportation of the drink and a clean environment at the points of sale.
Cup sealing machines will increase the demand for sales of any beverage, ensure revenue growth, and increase loyalty customers. Customers will be able to take their juice, coffee, or tea on the road or in the car without fear of spilling the contents.
The professional machine makes it easy to operate. High performance allows you to seal any cup in a matter of seconds, and the machine includes a cutter that slices the film automatically. The logo and the corporate design of the cup remain intact after sealing.
The main advantage is versatility.
The sealing machine has all the necessary functionality to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation. The excellent technical features come together with a stylish design that blends into any café or beverage outlet interior.
The main advantage of the machine is versatility, as it is suitable for sealing cups with the following contents:
  • Coffee;
  • Tea;
  • Smoothies;
  • Drinks;
  • Juices;
  • Morses;
  • Jellies;
  • Ice cream.
    This is far from a complete list of possibilities of the versatile device. Thanks to the machine, you can extend the retail outlet assortment by offering a variety of drinks both for adults and children.
    The cup sealing film used is non-toxic and withstands high temperatures. After sealing, it hermetically keeps the contents inside without giving the slightest chance of being spilled on clothing.
    The cup sealing machine is a good investment in business development and increases the volume of sales and a high appreciation of service from customers.
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    • Voltage:
      Special Offer

      A-FCS608 Boba Cup Sealing Machine | Commercial Use | Automatic Cup Sealer | 400-600 cups/h | Cups 3.5” & 3.7” (90 & 95 mm) diameter / 7” (180 mm) max height | 110V

      $6,341.00 $6,975.00
    • Voltage:
      Special Offer

      A-FWY690 Boba Cup Sealing Machine Commercial | Semi-Automatic Cup Sealer | 400-600 cups/h | Cups 3.5” & 3.7” (90 mm & 95 mm) diameter/ 6” (150 mm) max height | 110V

      $3,012.00 $3,171.00
    • Voltage:

      A-FWY802F Boba Cup Sealing Machine Commercial | Electric Manual Cup Sealer | 300-500 cups/h | Cups 3.7” (95 mm) diameter/ 6.7” (170 mm) max height | 110V