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Waffles are popular treats around the world. There are a thousand varieties and cooking recipes for waffles. Some countries make waffles according to a special recipe. The most popular are Belgian, Czech, and American waffles.
Waffles on a stick have recently become very common. They are handy because it is easy to hold by the stick, and there is less risk of getting your clothes dirty. This kind of food is served at parties, various receptions, and picnics.

Waffles on a stick are sold on the streets and cooked at home. With the right ingredients and cooking methods, this kind of treat won't leave anyone cold.

The origin story of waffles

The first mentions of cooking waffles are found in the days of Ancient Greece. Nobody knows when exactly the waffle-making device appeared. Experts believe that the prototype of the modern waffle iron was invented in the X-XI centuries in Western Europe. 

Waffles became especially popular in Germany and the Netherlands. The word waffle itself is of German origin. During the XV-XVI centuries, waffles were considered a gourmet dish that only very wealthy people could afford. The first detailed recipe for waffles dates from the XIV century. Some people believe the recipe was kept secret for a long time, as it belonged to the royal court.

The real waffle boom began in 1869 when American inventor Cornelius Swarthout invented a special pan for baking waffles. Since then, the popularity of this food hasn't gone down. More and more technologies for making waffles and variants of their preparation appear.

Waffles on a stick first appeared in America in the 1920s. At this time, street food became popular, and the waffle stick made it easier to eat on the go. Hot dogs on sticks were mass-produced in the U.S. in the 1940s. The sausage was fried in a crispy waffle with the addition of various sauces and spices.

Today, there is a lot of equipment for making waffles on a stick. You can buy equipment for making layered waffles, baking waffle hot dogs, various desserts with the addition of ice cream, chocolate, fruit, peanut butter. 

Waffles on a stick have an impressive look, and there are even Christmas tree shapes and make a great treat for any event or occasion.


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    AP-491 Waffle Stick Maker | Tree Waffles Maker | Stainless Steel with Manual Control | Nonstick | 4 PCS | 110V

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    AP-492 Electric Stick Waffle Maker | Commercial Iron | 4 Pcs | Stainless Steel | 110V

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    AP-502 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 4 Waffles | 110V

    Professional edition
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    AP-503 Stick Waffle Maker | Christmas Tree Shape Waffle | Electric Waffle Maker | 6 waffles | 110V

    Professional edition