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If you live or travel in New York City, you have to visit one of the three best Bubble Waffle restaurants!

Our team was on a business trip in New York City recently and being waffle fans we decided to make our own top list of bubble waffle restaurants.
Having 7 days we have visited 27 of the most popular places, and now we are ready to present our own TOP 3 Bubble Waffle Restaurants in New York.

Initially, we planned to place the winners in places from 1 to 5 but according to the results, our team unanimously came to the conclusion to share the first place among three restaurants that are significantly ahead of their competitors
We have also highlighted some customer reviews which reflect our own opinion to a greater extent.

TOP-3 Bubble Waffle Places in NYC

They always welcome guests, and more than happy to feed their visitors the most delicious Bubble Waffles. The responsive staff and professional chefs have excellent cooking and communication skills. You can always find what you need: a great and delicious snack and a warm and friendly atmosphere in these restaurants. (,,


This restaurant started offering people the famous Bubble Waffles, and they didn't make the wrong choice. The restaurant's main mission is to bring traditional Hong Kong eats and sweets to New York City. So, when guests come to the restaurant, they transport to the cafe of Hong Kong with eggy bubble waffles that are crisp on the outside and cakey on the inside. This restaurant's menu has an extensive choice of food, sweets, and drinks in the style of Hong Kong's food. This cool concept, excellent presentation, and fantastic taste make this restaurant popular.

Comments of guests about this Bubble Waffle restaurant:
"It's the best choice to enjoy Buble Waffle with family. Inside good atmosphere and harmonic."
"It is fantastic, and I really enjoyed the waffle, and the service is very attentive."


If you're in New York, it's time to have a rest at this restaurant. Chief is cooking wonderful Bubble Waffles. The staff is terrific. The restaurant's mission is to create authentic 1950's-style Hong Kong egg waffles. In addition, they try bringing popular Hong Kong Street food to the streets of New York City and try to share what we love eating as kids to a broader audience outside of the Asian community. The team doesn't stop generating ideas for Bubble Waffles and uses a mix of flavors such as chocolate, red velvet, coconut, and others. Everything from taste to texture makes awesomeness. Guests like to pair delicious waffles with ice cream and fun toppings to create charm, which they call - Wowfulls! "Live life Woefully" It is WOW-full of flavor, color, fun, and happiness.

Visitors' opinions on Bubble Waffle:
"I really enjoyed the vibe in here... So funky! So fresh! So good, so many options to choose from. I can't wait till they reopen."
"Awesome! The idea of putting chocolate or other candy inside the waffle is great. The waffle is delicious."


This restaurant is a cozy spot to enjoy a perfect brunch with your family and friends. It is located in the heart of New York City. By taking the menu, it is possible to find different shapes, tastes, and a large variety of sweet and savory options. Guests can easily find the mission of Eggloo - to modernize nostalgic Asian flavors by reintroducing them in tasty, fun desserts ranging from ice cream to Hong Kong Waffles. This restaurant cooperates with many brands because that team creates really funny and enthralling ideas coming up with a new amazing taste for Bubble Waffles. On top of that, serving lots of tasteful breakfast, brunch dishes, and homemade sweets. The restaurant focuses on top ingredients in all its dishes.

Here are some reviews that fully reflect our own opinion:
"I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy dessert inside this restaurant. Eggloos consist of fried waffles functioning as a cone for ice cream, fruit, and other topics. We got two and absolutely loved them!"
"It's easy to find this place due to its great location. There is a spectacular atmosphere and modern decor at this spot."
"It's really tasty. I absolutely love bubble waffles. I will come again next week to try IT again."


These three places are the best Bubble Waffle restaurants in NYC. Bubble Waffles became their highlight, and through their creativity, the product is served with an abundance of different toppings, which is constantly growing. Guests of the restaurant can assemble waffles like a construction set to their taste and try many flavors and combinations. In any case, no one stays indifferent! All three restaurants are creative and often delight their guests with new and original ideas.

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