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Modern donut machines are used for making donuts, which can make more than a hundred tasty desserts in an hour. You should choose a machine for frying donuts on the basis of technical characteristics, functionality, performance and take into account your individual needs.

Let's look at what kinds of donut machines can be and what you need to consider before buying them.

Types of equipment for making donuts

These are the following types of donut machines based on manufacturing technology:

  • Manual equipment. Using manual equipment, the cook must form the dough, turn it over to fry the donuts on both sides, and keep an eye on the cooking time. This type of equipment has a capacity to make up to 300 donuts per hour. Manual equipment can be used for street vending and small coffee shops.
  • Semi-automatic equipment. It also requires the involvement of a cook in the process of making a dish. But compared to manual equipment, the dough is automatically formed and divided into equal portions. Semi-automatic models of donut machines make from 300 to 600 desserts per hour.
  • Automatic equipment. It doesn't require active human involvement to make the dessert. The cook only inserts the dough and pours the oil, and all the rest is done automatically by the electromechanical drive. The productivity of automatic machines is 600-1000 pieces per hour.

What to consider in buying donut makers?

Pay attention to the following nuances while choosing the equipment for frying donuts:

The quality of the equipment materials. Modern donut makers are made of aluminum and stainless steel. These materials guarantee the long life and reliability of the equipment.

Performance of the equipment. Manual donut makers are suitable for home use or a small cafe. If you need many donuts, it is better to buy automatic equipment.

Simple maintenance. Please, pay attention to the method of oil replacement and removal of its residues. The devices should be easy to disassemble and clean.

Compactness. If you don't have many places in the kitchen, it is worth buying equipment for frying donuts of small dimensions.

Manufacturer's warranty. Buy donut makers from reliable sellers who provide all necessary documents and warranties.

You can buy high-quality equipment for cooking donuts on our website.

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    AP-04 Mini Donut Maker Commercial | Automatic Doughnut Frying Machine with 4 Rows | Stainless Steel | 110V

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    AP-02 Mini Donut Maker Commercial | Automatic Doughnut Machine | 3 Nozzles Set | Stainless Steel | 110V

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    AP-01 Donut Machine Commercial | Automatic Doughnut Maker | 3 Nozzles Set | Stainless Steel | 110V

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