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Unlike their pre-modern Soviet predecessors, modern waffle makers have several baking modes. These modes periodically put the device owner in a quandary: in the same mode, waffles in different recipes can burn, stick, or turn out just perfect.

The main secret is the dough content from which you make your waffles on sticks. We'll tell you what to expect from your waffle maker and how to choose the appropriate baking mode depending on the dough content.

Temperature Modes

The number of heating stages of the waffle maker panels in different models varies from 3 to 6. If not otherwise indicated in the instruction manual, the heating levels correspond to the following temperatures:

  • I-II - up to 150;

  • III-IV - from 150 to 170;

  • V-VI - from 170 to 200.

Select the upper limits of the modes for crispier waffles on the outer side and the lower limits for softer waffles.

Heating level selection

You need to assess the dough ingredients to choose the correct mode for baking waffles on a stick. More delicate biscuit compounds are based on whipped whites and a small amount of flour. For example, the Brussels waffles bake at a temperature range of 130 to 150 degrees. It takes about 7 minutes per batch to bake. The cooked waffles are soft, puffy, and very airy. They are served mostly on a plate, even if they have sticks.

Denser yeast contents, such as Liege waffles, require higher baking temperatures - from 150 to 180 degrees. The baking time is then reduced to 5-6 minutes. The cooked waffles have a denser texture and stay well on the sticks.

Snack waffles with cheese, spinach, chicken, and other hearty but non-waffle ingredients are usually baked on modes V-VI, which allow the dough to be set momentarily.

If you are baking waffles with filling, such as jam, chocolate, or frozen berries, it makes sense to switch to a higher setting to allow the dough to set quickly. In this case, the cooking time is usually reduced by 1-2 minutes.

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