About Us

We're a sincere company with a straightforward vision. With over 10 years on the market of commercial kitchen equipment, ALDKitchen sells only high-grade cookware for restaurant businesses and catering services.

We are working to meet the purchasing needs of foodservice professionals internationally.

Our waffle makers, chocolate melters, grinders, and other professional kitchen appliances together with excellent customer service provide an exceptional buying experience.



But enough about us - let’s talk about you

Whether you own a business, you manage a chain of restaurants or a small cafe, organize catering events or own a food truck - you need high-quality kitchen equipment with guaranteed after-sales service. You need a provider that takes care of this complicated stuff so you can focus on your job. We strive to be just such a reliable partner for you.



We are here to make you feel happy and confident

High-Quality guaranteed
The quality of the product we sell in our store is of a high priority, because we know how important it is for commercial kitchens to use proper cooking appliances. This is the reason why we choose only tested and reliable manufactures and suppliers of professional kitchen equipment. We give thorough attention to the quality of materials to make sure each machine is safe, hygienic and meets the high standards. Filling out a kitchen with right commercial equipment is essential for a successful business. (506 символов)

Honest Lowest Prices
We don’t drive up the prices and always keep them at a low level, so you can receive perfect value for money when buying equipment. Without being affected by low prices, the quality of the product remains constantly high. All our machines are equipped with reinforced thermostats, heating elements and additional layers of non-stick coating. The highest quality components make appliances more reliable, significantly increasing their lifespan and making this purchase an investment well worth making.

Fast and Gentle Delivery Worldwide
The delivery time takes from 2 days inside the United States and depends on your exact location. Our warehouses are situated in California and Florida, several European countries and China. Customer demand and market development encourage us to look constantly for new opportunities in order to improve our shipping services and deliver your purchase even faster. We collaborate with a big number of logistic companies around the world, which helps us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Sincere Customer Service
Despite being confident about the quality of our product, we understand that problems can happen at any stage of the purchase process or even after you have already bought a device. If we cannot answer your question or solve your issue by e-mail, we will do our best to help you by phone. So, whenever you have any doubts about the specifications, product usage or other things, don’t hesitate to text or call us at any moment! We work to make you satisfied with your purchase and enjoy it for years! (499 символов)

Warranty service
We are happy when you chose us over other suppliers and always hope that you become our loyal customer! That’s why our return policy is quite flexible, and the process takes little time. It still happens that electrical appliances break down or have manufacturing defects and fail to work properly. In such cases, we always protect our customers' interests. If still under warranty, any piece of appliance can be replaced or repaired at the earliest time possible.

A Passionate Team

Dillon Mykalo

Creative Director

Dmitriy Kachinsky

Lead Developer

Eva Lippman

Head Operations

Anna Hartman

Customer Service

Wang Lee

Product Director

Jessica Stevens

Head Marketing

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