3 Sizes Stainless Steel Hollow Churro Nozzles Attachment for Spanish Churro Maker Machines

by Deer kitchen

Feature & details:

INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES: The set includes three churro forming tips to make churros of different sizes

STAINLESS STEEL: The nozzles are made of food-grade material that is non-toxic and durable

DISHWASHER-SAFE: These accessories are easy to clean in a dishwasher or with hands

FITS CHURRO MAKERS: The set of these dismountable nozzles fits most Spanish churro making machines

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

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Assorted Interchangeable Nozzles

This set of nozzles for churro makers allows you to make Spanish donuts of three various sizes. You can use these accessories with most churro machines. The nozzles are made of strong and durable stainless steel, which enables the equipment to serve for years.


  • materials: Stainless steel
  • no of products: 3 nozzles

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