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AC_WC Waffle Cone Roller | Ice Cream Cone Forming Tool | Wooden Cone Mould

by GorillaRock
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details

USAGE: this handy tool rolls fresh waffles into cones for ice cream and other desserts

WEIGHT: the cone roller is lightweight and easily portable, convenient for any kitchen

SIZE: the dimensions are perfect to make this tool easy to grab and use for waffle rolling

LIFESPAN: durable materials used for the roll production ensure its long service life

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Friendly Return and Refund Policy

Ice Cream Cone Roller

This kitchen tool is used with cone waffle makers to roll freshly-baked waffles into cones. The cones then are served with ice cream or other desserts. With this forming tool, waffle cones rolling process is easy and fast! 


Material: wooden

Size: 240 mm (9.45")