NP-106 Jaffle Maker Commercial | 2-Head Jaffle Sandwich Maker | Pudgy Pie Iron | Stainless Steel | 110V

by NicoPower
Professional edition
US, Canada, Plug (B)

Feature & details:

DOUBLE CAPACITY: the appliance cooks two perfectly portioned sealed sandwiches simultaneously

COMMERCIAL USE READY: durable stainless steels withstand high volumes and extensive use

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: apart from being convenient to use, the machine is compact and takes little kitchen space

EASY TO CLEAN: Nonstick-coated plates ensure quick cleanup with a dry towel or a damp rag

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

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Make appetizing stuffed sandwiches with this jaffle iron!

This kitchen appliance cooks two jaffle sandwiches, also known as toasties, at the same time. The double capacity makes the machine perfect for commercial usage in snack bars and restaurants. No doubts that hot, crunchy stuffed sandwiches will always be in high demand.

Why is it worth having this pudgy pie iron in your kitchen?

Make it different!
Cheese and ham will probably first come to your mind when you decide how to stuff your sandwich. Still, fillings can vary, making these mouthwatering snackwiches every time taste in a new way.

Enjoy cooking!
Make a fresh toasted sealed sandwich in a few steps! Put a slice of bread on one plate and fill with any topping, cover it with another piece of bread and draw the top plate down with the handle. Hot temperature and squeezing pressure will seal the edges of the bread in a few moments.

Double capacity
The main advantage of this two-head jaffle iron over a single one is its double capacity, which means you can cook two crunchy stuffed sandwiches at the same time, serving your customers twice faster.

Look closer at this jaffle iron!

  • ✪ EXTENSIVE USE: the machine doesn’t overheat and works for a long time
  • ✪ NONSTICK COVER: both hinged top plates are covered with Nonstick covering
  • ✪ NO SLIP: the appliance is secured with small feet, which don’t slip or scratch the tabletop
  • ✪ EASY OPERATIONS: a switch and a few knobs control all the cooking process


  • model: AP-106
  • package size: 15” x 18” x 18”
  • machine size: 13.77" x 15.74" x 5.90”
  • material: Stainless steel
  • voltage: 110V
  • shipping weigh: 40 lbs
  • machine weight: 33 lbs
  • body type: Jaffle Maker
  • heating plate: 5.11" x 5.11”
  • power kw amp : 1300W (11.8 Amp)
  • no of products: 2 Jaffle Sandwich
  • product size: 3.7” x 3.7”

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