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A-FYDT24 Potato Slicer | Electric Tornado Slicer | Twister Potato Cutter | 110V

by ALDKitchen
US, Canada, Plug (B)
✪ HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: the rotating speed of 90 runs/min allows making a lot of snacks in a short time
✪ STAINLESS STEEL: this potato twister is fully made of food-grade stainless steel, which serves for years
✪ EASY OPERATIONS: the operations are automatic, which makes it convenient to use the machine
✪ WIDE APPLICATION: these veggie snacks can be served in a variety of places indoors & outdoors
✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Electric Potato Spiral & Twister Slicer

This electric slicer is designed to make potato chips or spiral potatoes on a stick. The device is perfect to sell snacks both indoors and outdoors. This machine can also be used to make snacks of other vegetables, such as cucumber, zucchini, carrots, etc.

A few reasons to purchase this spiral vegetable cutter:

Various snacks
With this tornado slicer, it is possible to make snacks of potatoes and other vegetables. To enhance the taste of your snacks, add different flavors and spices while frying.

Part of a meal

Twisted potatoes and other vegetables can be used also as a part of a meal, which makes it convenient to have the machine in a restaurant or a café. Add potato chips to meat, vegetable salad or other dishes.

Cheap & tasty
As the cost of the snack is quite low, tornado potatoes are loved by people. Apart from having the economic advantage, such snacks are nutritious, delicious, and easy to take away.

Take a closer look at this tornado slicer!

  • ✪ EASY OPERATIONS: start and stop this electric machine with just one three-gear switch

  • ✪ DURABLE BLADE: high-quality stainless-steel blade is durable and safe to be used with food

  • ✪ FIXING PINS: four pins on a twisting axis firmly fix potatoes and other snacks while processing

  • ✪ BACK & FORWARD: the rotary axis automatically moves both directions at the touch of the switch


- Model: A-FYDT24
- Package size: 484 x 202 x 174 mm (19" x 8" x 7")
- Shipping weight: 6 kg (13.2 lb)
- Size: 178 x 457 x 152 mm (7" x 18" x 6")
- Weight: 5 kg (11.0 lb)
- Material: Full stainless steel
- Voltage: 110V
- Power: 10W
- Cuts spirals about 1/8" thick
- Rotated Speed: 90 runs/min