A-FWY802F Cup Sealing Machine Commercial | Manual Control | 110V

by GorillaRock
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✪ COMMERCIAL USE: with a high sealing speed, the machine is perfect for beverage businesses

✪ DURABLE & STRONG: heavy-duty stainless-steel construction is going to serve for years

✪ VERSATILE USE: suitable to seal milk tea, juices, jellies, ice cream, and other food and drinks

✪ SMALL SIZE: the machine is compact, which makes it suitable for even a tiny kitchen

✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee.

Electric Cup Sealing Machine

With this bright manual cup sealer, you can securely seal as much as 300-500 beverages per hour. The equipment is suitable for both plastic and paper cups. Stainless-steel construction is durable and ensures the long service life of the machine.

Why is this cup sealer worth considering?

Thoughtful design
This manual bubble tea sealer is compact enough, convenient if your kitchen doesn’t allow to accommodate large equipment. Bright colors give the machine a festive look and decorate your design.

Different cups
Due to its features, the machine is suitable to seal cups of different sizes. Two stainless-steel rims hold the cups of different diameters. A cup holding can be adjusted for cups less than 17 cm.

Easy operations
All the operations are manual, which makes it easy to control the process. Set the temperature with a knob on the front panel. The temperature light will indicate when the machine is ready to seal.

Important details for perfect results:

  • ✪ FLEXIBLE TRAY: the cup plate can be adjusted for cups with less than 17 cm height

  • ✪ TWO SIZES: the machine is designed to seal the cups with 9 cm or 9.5 cm diameter

  • ✪ HANDY PULL ROD: seal a cup by smoothly pulling the handle down for a few seconds

  • ✪ COOLING HOLES: the machine is well ventilated and doesn’t overheat while working


- Model: A-FWY802F
- Sealing type: heat sealing
- For Use with Cup Diameters: 90 mm (3.5”), 95 mm (3.7”)
- Max Cup Heigh: 170 mm (6.7”)
- Temperature Control Range: 50℃ - 250℃
- Shipping weight: 10 kg (22 lb)
- Size: 260 x 203 x 470 mm (10.25" x 8" x 18.5”)
- Weight: 8.5 kg (18 lb)
- Material: Stainless steel
- Voltage: 110V
- Power: 270W
- Sealing capacity: 300-500 Cups/Hour

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