Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks 6" Length 3/4" Wide (Pack of 1000)

by Miss Pretty Pretty

Feature & details:

NON-TOXIC: the craft sticks are made of natural birch wood which is food-grade and safe for children

VARIETY OF USES: these craft sticks can be used in the kitchen, DIY projects, beauty & personal care

NO HARM: smooth rounded edges of the sticks ensure there will be no cuts or bruises

BIG PACKAGE: the package includes 1000 craft sticks 6" long and 3/4" wide, one pack will last a long time

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

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Jumbo Craft Stick for Wide Uses

These wooden craft sticks are suitable for various purposes in the kitchen, for beauty and personal care, DIY projects and in many other ways. One pack includes 1000 natural wooden flat sticks with smooth rounded edges. The sticks are safe to be used by children.

Great ways to use craft sticks

In the kitchen

The craft sticks can be used to make homemade fruit or yogurt popsicles, etc. Use them to stir tea, coffee, and other drinks or food. These sticks are made of non-toxic food-grade material. 

DIY projects

You can use craft sticks for a variety of classroom activities, including playing with children, painting, and decorating parties. This small and very helpful accessory will also come in handy in the garden. 

Beauty & Health 

Wooden craft sticks are indispensable in the beauty industry. They are widely used for stirring hair dye, waxing legs, arms, eyebrows, etc. Also, a craft stick can serve as a tongue depressor applicator. 


  • package size: 1000 Pcs
  • material: Birch wood
  • shipping weigh: 5.77 lbs

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