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ALDKitchen Lovely Fake Dummy Egg Puffle Waffle | Artificial Realistic Looking | Food Decoration

by ALDKitchen
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No one will pass by your shop window!

These Egg Waffle model display props on a showcase are so eye-catching that it’s hard to leave without grabbing a delicious waffle with ice cream or fruit to go. See, how realistic they look! They show the size, shape, and color of the dessert you’ll make for your customer.

How might your business benefit from artificial bubble waffles?

Customers see them
No doubts that these fake eggettes waffles draw immediate attention to any showcase they decorate. Realistic food simulation looks much more appetizing than pictures on a menu.

They choose one
Instead of reading the whole menu list, your customer can just point out the waffle they like the most. They know exactly what they are going to get since the models look absolutely like real waffles.

They love it!
Bubble waffles can be stuffed with various things, including ice cream, chocolate, fruit, etc. The number of possible fillings is endless, so your customers will come again, whether they want to try something new or take their favorite waffles.

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