AP-386 Electric Pasta Cooker | Noodle Machine | 4-Basket Hot Pot for Pasta and Noodles | 110V

by NicoPower
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Feature & details:

HIGH-QUALITY: stainless-steel body is no-deformation and corrosion-resistant, which ensures long service

HIGH CAPACITY: four baskets allow to cook four different dishes at the same time, increasing turnover

COST EFFECTIVE: the heating units get warm fast and keep low energy consumption

THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: due to its design, this noodle cooker is easily portable and looks nice in the kitchen

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee.

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Four-basket electric noodle maker

This kitchen equipment is designed to cook different types of noodles and pasta. It is possible to make four different dishes since the machine is equipped with four baskets. Stainless-steel construction is safe and durable. The device is energy and time-saving.

Why is this pasta cooker worth choosing?

Fast heating
The U-shape heating tube warms up fast and provides uniform heat distribution. Moreover, the machine design ensures excellent heat circulation inside the body, which makes the cooking process quick and effective.

High capacity
With this appliance, four different dishes can be cooked at the same time. This feature helps to serve food fast and increase productivity. The device can cook various types of pasta and noodles with seafood, meat, vegetables, etc.

Easy to control
The machine is convenient to use, because it is equipped with only one knob for temperature control. Hot light on the control panel will serve to indicate when the machine is ready for usage.

Have a closer look at this noodle pot!

  • ✪ WOODEN HANDLES: each basket is equipped with a handle, which makes the usage of the device safe and convenient
  • ✪ MANUAL CONTROL: the operations require almost no efforts – just plug the device and adjust the temperature
  • ✪ STABLE CONSTRUCTION: due to tiny feet, which this machine is equipped with, it is easy to set the and to move the device
  • ✪ FOUR POT: with four baskets it is possible to serve more dishes in a shorter period


  • model: AP-386
  • machine size: 17.12" x 13.77" x 12.79”
  • material: Full stainless steel
  • voltage: 110V
  • control type: Manual
  • power kw amp : 4 kW (36.4 Amp)
  • capacity: 4 tanks

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