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Unique modern alcohol distillers have replaced the traditional hooch still. High-tech equipment helps fully reveal all the properties of the miraculous liquid, and without difficulty, prepares home-brew or wine. Using a set of fruits, berries, grains, and sugar syrup, you can make a recipe for hot drinks of certain alcohol content.

The thermometer is the key element of the distiller

Any household appliances, such as a stove or an induction cooktop, can help heat the distiller. The modern device has a thermometer which is essential for getting high-quality alcohol. The device produced the following manipulations:

  • Precision timing of the beginning of distillation mass;

  • It is possible to keep water costs down by supplying after it has reached a specified temperature;

  • The electronic device will help to determine the alcohol content of the virgin material; accordingly, the quality of the final drink depends on it;

  • The thermometer will establish the current alcohol content of home-brew;

  • Using a digital thermometer determines the exact time of the beginning of the third fraction. It is the selection of the tails, which cannot recommend consuming.

The principle of temperature control

One of the most important criteria for high-quality alcohol is a strict temperature regime. Overheating or excessive cooling of a drink will affect the end result.
During the distillation, it is essential to consider the following parameters:

  • The boiling point of the water is 100°C;

  • The boiling point of the ethyl alcohol is 78.4°C.

The substances in the virgin material have different boiling points. Due to a digital thermometer, one can measure the temperature of a drink at all stages of distillation and determine the exact time of "body" extraction.

The thermometer calculates the amount of residual alcohol. An electronic device provides high accuracy at every stage of the distillation process. The scale is sensitive to all temperature measurements and reacts to deviations of tenths.

Today's high-tech distiller can be used not only for distilling home-brew but also for producing essential oils, fermenting liqueurs, making wine, beer, vinegar, and even soy sauce. Not only expert users can operate the simple equipment, but also beginners can use it.

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