A-FCSA2-06 Moonshine Still Commercial | Water Distiller | 6 L | Copper Pipe

by GorillaRock
US, Canada, Plug (B)

✪ FULL WINE MAKING KIT: the device is equipped with all the details needed for distillation

✪ SUFFICIENT CAPACITY: moonshine still owns 1.6-gal real capacity, able to distill 6 liters of raw material

✪ MULTI-USAGE: the device is applicable for distilling alcohol, producing essential oils, and other substances

✪ SIMPLE OPERATIONS: this distiller is perfect for both inexperienced and expert distillers

✪ 100% GUARANTEED QUALITY: Great customer support with a flexible return policy and a money-back guarantee

Full wine making kit for home and commercial use

This distiller with a modest 6-L capacity is perfect for home and small business use. The appliance is suitable for various applications, including water distillation or plant extracts refining. Simple operations make it perfect for inexperienced users.

Why is this water alcohol distiller a good choice?

All heating methods
Using this distiller is convenient because its thickened bottom allows any heating method, including gas or ceramic stoves. No doubts that you can use this equipment in your kitchen!

Secure sealing
The silicon tubes, which are used for water circulation, are flexible and strong enough. They don’t bend easily and prevent water leaks. The material is food-grade and non-toxic.

Open-type cooling
The copper coil pipe creates a large contact area with the coolant, thereby ensuring fast cooling and maintaining the distilled final product's temperature low.

Look at the features of this distiller:

  • ✪ DETACHABLE THERMOMETER: control the temperature with either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale

  • ✪ SPEED COOLING: copper coil pipe with high thermal conductivity ensures fast cooling

  • ✪ TIGHT SEALING: the ferment pot lid is secured with four strong clasps and a silicone gasket

  • ✪ AIR VALVE: a plastic one-way CO2 evacuation valve exhaust air during the grain fermentation process


Model: A-FCSA2-06
Capacity: 1.6 Gal (6 L)
Weight: 3 kg (7 lbs)
Boiler barrel: 190 x 203 mm (7.5" x 8.0")
Material: Stainless steel, red copper