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According to legend, the analog of unique churros custard doughnuts was cooked back in China, and they were also found in Ancient Egypt. It's hard to believe, but this delicious dessert belonged to the poor people in those days. They fried it solely in pork fat, which every family had plenty of. There was nothing easier than mixing flour with sugar and then frying the pastry to a golden crust.

Thanks to today's technological advancement and Churro machines, making delicious custard doughnuts has become much easier. Gourmets have discovered several delicious recipes which have at once won fans' hearts from all over the world.

Spanish chefs were the pioneers of serving the dessert with white or dark chocolate. Simultaneously, with delightful churros, they served a glass of plain water so that you can quench your thirst after the sweet doughnuts. You can delight your loved ones with a wonderful breakfast by serving hot or chilled custard cakes with sauce.

Beer lovers will enjoy this saltish deep-fried dessert. It would make a perfect snack for a beer or a snack on the go. You can sprinkle doughnuts with spices and salt and serve them as a separate dish and also as an addition to a meat or cheese plate. Uruguay chefs make unsweetened bulky churros and fill them with melted cheese.

An unusual serving of custard doughnuts will cause genuine interest among all gourmets. The shape of the dessert depends entirely on one's creative imagination, for example, a dessert in the form of a heart, a flat ribbon, a knotted knot, a horseshoe, or a doughnut.

Some best secrets

As easy as the recipe is, not everyone will be able to make doughnuts correctly. There are a multitude of nuances and subtleties, and it takes a long time to master them all.

Culinary experts can combine eggs, filling, butter, and spices in the recipe for a variety of flavors. Such a dessert closely resembles classic éclairs.

It's interesting! The oil shouldn't boil while frying the doughnuts. Otherwise, the doughnuts won't bake and will remain raw inside.

Churros come known as freshly made desserts or snacks. Frozen pastries also are equally popular. During Carnival in Cuba, custard doughnuts are eaten with fruits, while in Uruguay, it's eaten with melted cheese. In Mexico, it's served with boiled condensed milk. The churros open up in a new way with different spices, seasonings, and sauces.

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