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CBD Waffles: a great way to start a day with a tasty and invigorating snack

Who doesn’t love waffles? They perfectly work to show one’s culinary skills, make a morning pick-me-up for a great kick-off of the day & treat oneself with something delicious, which amazingly combines with freshly brewed Ethiopian Arabica & various toppings. There are a number of shapes that anyone can make nearly effortlessly (given a waffle maker allows for making the shape to their preference):
  • Belgian
  • Hotdog
  • Taiyaki (fish-shaped)
  • Bubble (egg-shaped), etc.

    Although there are many shapes that waffles come in, there are only so many options for making good batter for them to bake a crispy and yummy brownish piece. We’re considering the recipe below (that’s just right for 2-3 servings that are enough for a morning wake-me-yummily breakfast for one person).

    And one more little shtick makes waffles way more exceptional — adding CBD oil to the batter.


    Explanation of CBD and its potential benefits

    CBD is a substance retrieved from many parts of the hemp plant (flowers, leaves & sometimes stalks, but not seeds or roots), which is part of the family of Cannabis sativa species. The name CBD is the shortage from “Cannabidiol”, one of the hundreds of substances that the hemp plant has. Unlike another widely known component of hemp — THC — which has a psychedelic effect on the human brain, CBD does not bring people the sensation of being high and has other types of action:

    • It helps make sleep smoother, firmer & calmer.
    •  Reduces the levels of various types of pain (joints, bones, bruises, headache, stomach pain, etc.), as well as inflammations
    • Reduces depression, anxiety & seizures connected to epilepsy
    •  Relaxes and allows a person to have a better time.


    Ingredients needed for waffles with CBD

    Per 2-3 servings of waffles with CBD (5 or 6 inches in diameter), the following ingredients are necessary:

    • Flour: one cup
    • Regular table sugar: one Tbs.
    • Salt: quarter ts.
    • Whole or fat-free cow milk: one cup
    • One egg
    •  Butter: two-three Tbs. (melted)
    •  Vanilla extract: half ts.
    • Baking powder: one ts.
    • CBD oil: five to twenty mg per serving, 10-60 mg according to this recipe.
    • Toppings that one wishes to add to one’s waffles when they’re ready.

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