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Nowadays, food fried in a deep fryer has become very popular. In any café, you can find fried chicken, fish, vegetables, and so on. Fries are so popular that they can be served with any other food or as a main dish. Having a café or restaurant, or just making fried food at home people think: “How often do I need to change Deep Fryer Oil?” This and other questions will be discussed in this article.

Fried food can be used in different kinds of oil, like Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Corn oil, etc. Each oil has its own features and the particular temperature of Smoke Point. Smoke Point shows whether this kind of oil can be used for frying this or that product, what was discussed in the recent article.

How often you need to change oil depends on different things like the type of oil and product that you cook. The main sign that it’s high time to change oil are unpleasant or bad smell and when you see that the quality of food start degrade, for example, the color and taste of the food changes and become not so pleasant and tasty. If your oil foams or smokes it means that you needed to change it a long time ago.

There is another way to test your oil and find out whether it’s time to change it. In this case, people can use chemical tests. All you need to do it is to buy special devices that measure oil’s total polar compounds (TPC) or free fatty acids (FFA). The price of this device is not so high and available to everyone.

The chemical test shows accurate information concerning the state of your oil and gives you the opportunity to make very tasty and high quality of the food. But in this case, you will need to change your oil very often what will induce additional expenses. For this reason, this method is suitable for big industries and expensive restaurants and cafes. Experience has shown that if you have a small café or restaurant, or you would like to make a special dish for your family more appropriate way to check your oil is via smell, taste, and color of the food.

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