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The instruction and maintenance manual of waffle machines. To clean your waffle machines properly and prolong the life of them, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1. Switch off your waffle maker and pull the plug. Give it time to cool.

Step 2. In this step, it's needed to use a dry paper towel to get rid of excess oil. Possibly, to make cleaning better-quality, you need to form your towel into a point and push it between waffle maker ridges.

Step 3. Remove all big chunks of dried batter. Usually, due to adding too much batter, it can drip from the mold or bits of dried dough will stick within the ridges. Remove all crumbs using a soft kitchen brush. To avoid damage to the nonstick surface, it is extremely important to use exactly these types of kitchen brushes.

Step 4. For this step, you need hot water. Soak a rag in hot water and loosen the hardened bits. Sometimes, there can be a lot of dried batter pieces, but to loosen each one, you will spend a lot of time and effort. To avoid it, you need to take a wet cloth and place it on the mold. After that, shut your waffle maker for two-three minutes. It helps to loosen up the remaining pieces of dried batter.

Step 5. Using a rubber spatula, you should get rid of dough from the mold. Due to rubber not damaging the nonstick surface of the waffle maker, these rubber kitchen utensils are ideal for these purposes. Moreover, it can maneuver in between the rows of waffle iron because it's flexible and has small thicknesses. After softening the dried batter, use the spatula to clean up the last piece of batter from the surface. In addition, it's possible to use a special sponge made for nonstick surfaces, to remove the loosened batter.

Step 6. Soak a rag in water and squeeze it so it is damp, not wet. Pay particular attention to avoid water ingress into the electrical section of the waffle maker. Otherwise, it can electrocute you when you decide to switch it on or disable a waffle maker. Clean all parts that have dough and dirt on it.

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