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Pumpkin seeds have a well-deserved reputation as a delicious and easy-to-make snack. They also have enormous health benefits: these crispy seeds contain considerable amounts of magnesium, zinc, omega-3s, antioxidants, fiber, and of course, protein. Rather than the usual whey and soy proteins, pumpkin seed protein powder represents an economical homemade alternative that can work well for both smoothies and baked goods.


Step 1.

Fill an electric coffee or spice grinder with raw, unroasted pumpkin seeds - ideally washed and dried - up to half or three-quarters to a maximum. In case your coffee grinder has fineness settings, select the finest consistency.

Step 2.

Grind the seeds up to a consistency, like a slightly coarser whey or soy protein powder. Even though the pumpkin seed powder ultimately has a rougher texture, try to keep its consistency as light and fluffy as possible, as universal flour. Grind it about 5 seconds at a time, then check the consistency by touch, continuing the process repeatedly until you reach the desired fineness.

Step 3.

Fill the powder into a swivel handle flour sifter. Keep the sifter over an open-sealed container and rotate the handle to sift the powder into the container. Unless you have a swivel handle flour sifter, use a fine-mesh sieve and carefully shake the powder through the sieve until the powder falls into the container. If there are still many bits and pieces of seeds in the powder, repeat the grinding and sifting process.

Step 4.

Close the container tightly and keep the pumpkin seed protein powder in the fridge for maximum shelf life.

Advice In case your grinder slows or stutters while you grind, halt the grind and check to see if any pumpkin seed pieces get stuck on the blade. Pull the seed out carefully and continue grinding. Stir pumpkin seed powder into pancake batter, oatmeal, training smoothies, or cold cereal to increase the protein content. You can also use this powder to make muffins, bread, cookies, and bars. And for a quick and healthy snack full of zinc, mix pumpkin seed powder with applesauce.

Due to the pumpkin seeds containing the amino acid tryptophan, this recipe can help you fall asleep, which induces the body to secrete the relaxing serotonin. If you've scooped up the pumpkin seeds yourself, keep the rest of the pumpkin for more recipes such as pumpkin-based bread, pie, tart, and even ravioli or pilaf.

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