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Juice dispensers provide an ideal solution for owners of cafes, bars, and restaurants. This dispenser gives out a determined portion of a chilled drink, especially relevant in the hottest season. It is very convenient and doesn't require much elaboration.

The juice dispenser serves a large amount of liquid in a very hygienic and drip-free manner. You can easily add liquid to the dispenser through the removable cover. It is an excellent device that will be useful in any business connected with public catering, such as restaurants and cafes. Your customers' trust in your company will increase by the ease with which you can treat them to cool nectars.

What are the different types of dispensers?

Post mix dispensers include devices in which water and juice concentrate mix and then cool down. They are ideal for preparing nectars.

  1. Premix dispensers serve cooled and ready-to-use juices from the package that let them keep their full flavor.

  2. Manual dispensers have a special handle due to which the work occurs. They come at a lower price.

  3. Automatic dispensers fulfill their function independently.

How to choose a dispenser?

You should pay attention to the following details while choosing a dispenser:

  • Brand and manufacturer reliability. Well-known brands focus on the quality of their products, so it is better to give preference to them.
  • Quality material. Choose dispensers made of high-quality glass and metal. Inexpensive materials can produce toxins with harmful effects on the human body.

  • Impermeability. The appliance must be intact and securely closed that no foreign objects get into it.

  • Availability of a drip tray. It is necessary to avoid unnecessary droplets from getting on the surface and dirtying the appliance. 

  • Warranty period. It is not unusual that the appliance can malfunction or break down at all. In such a case, you need to have a warranty that you will have repaired or replaced. 

  • Complete package of spare parts. 

Before buying a juice dispenser, look at all the data about each model, weigh all the pros and cons. The machine you choose specifically for the type and volume of your business will become a reliable assistant for fast and comfortable customer service.

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