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In America, celebrate National Waffle Day on August 24th. The most precious holiday in the world. That's how you can call this a famous day in the United States. Yes, yes! It is devoted to these wonderful waffles, which have long been integral to everyone's life. Every August 24th, Americans visit restaurants to devour waffles from the heart.

           National Waffle Iron Day is a sacred holiday. Waffles bring people together. Whether you are one of the wealthiest people in the world or an ordinary person, you enjoy these delicious waffles. It's a tradition solidified by time. After all, people who know how to enjoy life say, "We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third."

1.  National Waffle Day History

             There are two holidays in honor of this dessert: Besides the American one, which is National Waffle Day, celebrated annually on August 24th, there's also the International Waffle Day, celebrated on March 25th. The American waffles differ from their foreign "sisters" in appearance: they are paper-thin and have a square shape, just like the shape of waffles related to the date of the holiday. An American citizen, Cornelius Swarthout, received the first patent in the country on August 24th, 1869, for a special double pan for baking waffles. It was intended for an ordinary stove containing a tray and a lid. It was necessary to constantly turn the invention to brown the waffles evenly. However, it was in it that the real American waffles were obtained, which differed from the European ones with the lack of crunch, softness, and thinness. This effect was achieved by adding baking soda to the dough, while in other countries, yeast was always used in their preparation. With the advent of the American belgian waffle iron, the product became more popular, and over time, waffles were considered a traditional dish.

             The invention of electricity made it possible to create improved waffle makers. The electric waffle maker is professional cooking equipment invented in 1911, making life much easier for sweet-tooth diners. Due to this bubble waffle maker, the waffles were cooked in minutes and became extraordinarily delicious. This dessert's popularity has grown even more and led to the creation of a chain of waffle restaurants called, Waffle House. The first of these opened in 1955 and became a favorite place for families with children and romantic couples.

             Incidentally, the waffle cup for ice cream also owes its origins to Americans. In 1904, when a fair was held in a town in Missouri called St. Louis, an ice cream vendor had embarrassment when he ran out of paper cups. But he got creative and asked a nearby waffle vendor to roll up his waffles into cone-shaped cups and then fill them with the delicious ice cream.

             Another interesting story about waffles proves that a talented person can find a way out of any problematic situation. The founder of the world-famous sports brand Nike, Bill Bowerman, has always loved to experiment. In 1971, he had the idea of creating very lightweight running shoes. To check his hypothesis, he used his wife's electric waffle maker, putting rubber sole instead of dough. Of course, the appliance was broken, but Americans, athletes, and running enthusiasts from other countries would appreciate the comfort and high quality of the famous Nike sneakers. Waffles are a dessert that knows how to inspire.

             Thus, gathering around the holiday table on August 24th, American citizens can congratulate each other on the invention of an indispensable kitchen appliance, the appearance of waffle cups for ice cream, and the world-famous sports sneakers.

2. Traditions of National Waffle Day

Crunchy waffle lovers in the U.S. celebrate in their honor on August 24th. The holiday has national status and is celebrated annually with special traditions.

              Americans consider waffles their favorite breakfast food, and waffles are consumed with various toppings and syrups. On National Waffle Day USA, many American coffee shops and restaurants offer a discount to customers who take the famous American waffle dessert.

              Also, American waffles can be used in restaurants and cafes in the United States as a side dish to meat. Additions to waffles can be any edible product, from sweet jam to pâté and fish.

              On National Waffle Day 2022, all Americans make waffles everywhere in the United States. There are all sorts of organized local festivals, fairs, and celebrations. People also celebrate National Waffle Day with their families by eating large quantities of baked waffles and drinking sweet tea with it all. American waffles are distinguished by their shape and pattern, which resemble a bee honeycomb. This dessert is well known and loved on all continents.

               Celebrating Waffle Day is very enjoyable and, most importantly, easy. Usually, the phrase dolce vita has a symbolic meaning and implies a life filled with fun and pleasure. We believe everyone can create a sweet life for themselves, experiencing the happiness of their own prepared sweet dessert. One such simple and delicious product are waffles. All you need to do: is bake a mountain of waffles and stock up on sweet sauces, honey, syrups, jams, and whipped cream. Make tea or coffee, cocktails, and enjoy waffles all day.


Today, the whole world bakes waffles, so there are a huge variety of recipes:

  •     yeast,

  •     water,

  •     beer,

  •     whey,

  •     soda,

  •     baking powder,

  •     custard dough,

  •     or wheat sourdough

    Flour is also used in different ways. It can be wheat, rye, buckwheat, corn, spices, and herbs. They eat the pastry in any way they like, even with potato flakes and vegetables. They can be made crispy or soft, from shortbread or biscuit dough. To each type, pick up a sweet filling.

    Waffle Day is a relaxed and delicious celebration. It is very soulful and homemade, a good excuse to gather family and friends, bake together and have fun chatting, eat waffles together and enjoy meeting each other, just delight in the new day and the bright ruddy waffles.

Have a great holiday!

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