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Thanksgiving Day is one of the most famous American national holidays that has already become an iconic event in American culture. This day was started by New England colonists, who used to have a shared dinner to celebrate and commemorate many specific events. Since the 19th century, this day is associated with the three-day feast shared by the Plymouth settlers, who were provided with a variety of food sent by the Governor as a response to the Edward Winslow letter, written in 1621.

People all over the globe associate this holiday with a turkey, although this tradition isn’t as old as the holiday itself. Nevertheless, this tradition has already become as iconic as the holiday and the shared dinner.

As we know now, the holiday of thanksgiving dates back to the 17th century. However, it’s worth specifying that at that time it was just a local day of celebrating the harvest. Thanksgiving became officially recognized only in 1863 after it was declared a national holiday by Lincoln. Even after this declaration, it didn’t become such an important day as it’s considered today.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

Different variations of pies of pumpkin are quite common desserts for Thanksgiving. However, if you want to taste something new, you should try some variations of pudding. If you like them, you should definitely try the bread pudding. In a nutshell, you will bake bread cubes in a pumpkin-spiced custard. You will have a puffed and golden dessert that will be a great fit for your Thanksgiving celebration dinner. To make it perfect, complement this dessert with a bourbon butter sauce.

Before you start cooking, we would like to give you a tip. Even if you use the best non-stick coating, such a pan might be inappropriate for baking pudding. The best choice is to use commercial kitchen equipment made of stainless steel and cover it with oil or fat. This

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Similar to turkey, pumpkin is a traditional product for Thanksgiving. This is because pumpkins and squashes are harvested at the beginning of the fall seasons in the US and Canada. This is the time when people celebrate Thanksgiving. Naturally, Pumpkin has become one more symbol. But this doesn’t mean you can make variations of a pumpkin pie. If you want to follow the traditions but not make your celebration too hackneyed, try cooking mini pumpkin pies.

First of all, they are incredibly tasty. You might need a good tart machine maker but we want to ensure you that this will be a worthy investment. The possibility to cook extremely tasty mini-sized pies to celebrate Thanksgiving every year is worth it! Besides, you will need fewer products and there will be no need to look for extraordinary recipes.

Classic Apple Crisp

Who says that your Thanksgiving dessert menu must include only meals made of pumpkin? Apple is another symbol of the harvest period in the US and Canada, even though it isn’t as popular. Nevertheless, you are free to enrich your celebration menu with more extraordinary desserts. Apple is a good product to experiment with, as it can act both as the main component or as an additional one in many different sweet dishes.

We recommend you look for the recipe for the Classic Apple Crisp. For this, you also need oats. This is a perfect combination to experience the feeling of cozy nostalgia of the harvest season. You can also combine this classic dessert with traditional waffles to rich get the best possible sweet and crispy tastes!

Coconut Pumpkin Pie

Still, if you aim to keep up with traditions but not make your celebration menu too hackneyed, consider cooking coconut pumpkin pie. This soft combination will impress you and all your guests. You all be able to enjoy the sweetness of coconut and the incredibly cozy flavors of pumpkin.