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This device is produced to grill a big number of small poffertjes in a few minutes, making it simple to cook this deliciousness very fast without making your customers wait. Snacks can be eaten on the spot, on a plate or taken away in trays. The appliance can cook 9 BIG Poffertjes contemporaneously.

  • Excellent variant for your kitchen

Exceptional styling of this pancakes machine suits for an open kitchen of any restaurant or buffet. High-grade steel structure with a non-stick surface makes this apparatus very user-friendly, extremely easy to clean, and long-serving. Baking molds of this device are made of high-class aluminum with upper-grade thermic conductivity. Regulate heating with regulable control handle to grill delightful and fluffy big poffertjes!

  • Perfect breakfast with a fluffy, light texture

Unlike with pancakes, poffertjes are turned over during the making if the dough hasn’t cooked enough. This process allows them to be more spongy inside and perfectly rounded.

  • Lovely poffertjes may be served in different ways.

Pancakes may be served with dulcet toppings like syrup, cream, or berries. In the Netherlands, poffertjes are usually served on a plate with a handle of butter in the center and strewed with sugar powder. You can also eat it with fruit, gelato, or jam.


USER-FRIENDLY: regulable control handle, and the power button makes this apparatus very easy in usage

EVEN HEATING: the upper-class conductive aluminum plate spreads heating smooth, precluding pancakes from burning

COMPACT: solid feet help to keep the surface away from scrapes and allow the device to be moved easily

RICH MEAL: big form of these poffertjes makes them ideal for nutrient meals.

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