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Belgian waffles are the delicious dessert of the world. Historically, their first appearance was at Expo 58 in Brussels in 1958. The inventor of them was a Belgian named, Walter Cleyman, These waffles were named after him. Nowadays, this dessert became such popular that many people eat them in the restaurant and cafes, make them at home adding a lot of toppings like Nutella, honey, etc.

Deciding to make waffles many people think: «How to differ regular waffles from Belgian ones?”. Everything is obvious. Belgian Waffles are thicker and softer than regular ones, having very big square pockets which mainly used to add various topping. To make waffles light and frothy firstly people used yeast, but the most modern way is to add leavening agents.

As Belgian waffles initially were made specially to serve them with a topping. What toppings are the best solution for then? To surprise your guests or family members, head chefs of the best restaurants recommend adding honey, berries, Nutella, whipped cream, or you can use your imagination and add something else.

There is a time when you need to make your waffles ahead, but you don’t know what to do to save them in the best condition. In this case, we can recommend you freeze them just after adding paper between them. It will help to keep the quality of the waffles. After that, you can warm them in the oven or in case you have thin and small waffles, you can use a toaster. If you need to keep them less than 24 hours it’s better to put them into the fridge, then warm them by the ways we mentioned above.

If you decided to make Belgian Waffles but don’t know how to make them perfect, read the following tips that we have prepared for you.

• To make Belgian Waffles better and more taste always serve them with different toppings like jam, chocolate, fruits, or berries.

• Waffles are tastier if they have the delicious flavor of vanilla, lemon, or strawberry, so try to add extracts to the batter to make waffles better.

• Make a big amount of dry batter mix to make waffles at any time you want. Store it in an airtight container preventing any sunlight from getting to the container.

• To make additional flavor we recommend you adding buttermilk. In case you make a gluten-free batter, buttermilk will make a better texture.

Following all these tips, you will make the best Belgian Waffles you have ever eaten. Try to use different toppings to find out your and your guests or family's favorite one.

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