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A trendy food, which is now a trend around the world, they are loved by children and adults. The waffle itself looks unusual and very attractive: it consists of many large bubbles. On top is a crispy dough, and inside each bubble is filled with a filling, for example, chocolate. It’s already a ready-to-eat form, but usually, these Bubble Waffles are served as sandwiches, rolls, or traditional cones filled with whipped cream, ice cream, or cream. They're also all generously decorated with fruit and toppings. The dough can be vanilla, chocolate, and even salty. For the salted dough, suitable unsweetened fillers (e.g., it can be cheese in bubbles) are used, which turn a dessert into a full-bodied meal. The combination of different dough recipes and fillings makes it possible to create a varied menu. Clients can also be imaginative and, "design," waffles by selecting the ingredients by their preference.

Bubble waffles can be sold in street food trucks, in festivals and food festivals, in corners of entertainment centers, and food courts in malls. Salt waffles will become a real competitor to hot dogs and sandwiches. Visitors will be delighted to try a new kind of snack and appreciate the variety of flavors. Such waffles can be a spectacular addition to the restaurant menu as they are highly appreciated by children.

Hong Kong Bubble Waffles, a delicious and attractive looking dessert, are ideal for a business model focused on the realization of mono-products in high demand. The production process does not require large spaces, significant investments, or exotic ingredients, and can also be easily adapted to local products. This trendy food, which is now a trend around the world, is loved by both children and adults.

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  • Voltage:
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    AP-124 Bubble Waffle Maker | Improved Digital Thermostat | Commercial Waffle Iron | 110V

    Professional edition
  • Voltage:

    A-BW311 Bubble Waffle Maker | Manual Thermostat | Square Shape Egg Waffle Iron | 110V

    Professional edition
  • Voltage:

    AR-HES30 Bubble Waffle Maker | Manual Thermostat Egg Waffle Maker | Stainless Steel | 110V

  • Voltage:

    AR-HES30-2 Bubble Waffle Maker | Manual Thermostat | Hexagon Shape Egg Waffle Machine | 2 Large Hong Kong Waffles | 110V